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If there was one dish I could eat

For all the rest of my days

A salad to me is a natural treat

Enjoyed in infinite ways

It’s more than just a bowl of greens

With dressing dolloped on top

It matters not just where your taste leans

Grab veggies, a knife and just chop!

It eats as a meal or a simple side dish

And all its varieties suit

You can add steak, eggs or some fish

Or it’s dessert when you mix in some fruit

I often will eat it right out of the bowl

I make it as big as I please

Don’t ask me to share I scarf it up whole

Especially if there is blue cheese!

To me I think salad is better than good

So much so I wrote this short ballad

I’ll argue this dish might be THE perfect food

And YES you can make friends with salad!

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