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When sky surveyed with searching eyes

Its vastness is the thing that’s prized

If only we could tour with ease

What sights we’d see, the galaxies!

But sometimes what we want we get

And there are stuffs we haven’t met

And what if it be frightful dream

In space, no one can hear you scream…

And that’s what crew of Nostradamus

Did not expect from inky blackness

To find a ship, so undulating

That sheltered form, that lay in waiting

With probing tail, a touch so scratchy

Quite spider-like, from egg it hatch-y

This creepy long-legged feisty bugger

They’d never seen this weird face-hugger!

In scene with chills that wouldn’t stop

A critter through a chest did pop!

It grew and grew, as back and forth

The harried crew chased xenomorph

With weapons weak, but mettle stout

Yet one by one, it took them out

Soon only one, a badass woman

Was left as the surviving human

She rigged a bomb, then fled that ship

With Jones the cat, in pod they split

But unbeknownst, that alien

Did not meet an explosive end

It came out of its hiding spot

And soon another battle fought

As awesome did our Ripley rock

She blew that creature out air lock

Into expanse of space so deep

Then drifted off to hypersleep

Tis cautionary tale I share -

You never know what lives out there

Most likely we will be outmatched

So best to leave space eggs unhatched…

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