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Small, But Not Insignificant

I looked up to the stars tonight

They sparkled so, mere dots of light

On clearer nights wide swaths appear

Some shine so bright, you think them near

Yet stratosphere makes us feel small

As if we don’t mean much at all

And on this ball of gas and carbon

Of burbling streams and flower gardens

With jagged cliffs and loamy earth

Sand like crystal, foam-topped surf

It teems with creatures animated

Moments dull and celebrated

Beneficial or adverse

Instinctive some, but most rehearsed 

Though tiny actions make no dent

They’re still not insignificant

If only we could have perspective

Treasure that we’re still connected

All the while surrounded by

The vastness of eternal sky

That we evolved from mossy pit

And somehow thrived the slightest bit

Should make us realize that we

Are not at odds inherently

How wonderful our lives would be

If we shared this epiphany!

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