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Taco Bell or Bust!

In need of break from things all spurious

And movies named The Fast and Furious

But you’ll have fun, if you read on

With tons of laughs when we are done

This one is silly, kinda whacko

A poem with used cars and tacos!

Let’s start with Jerry, ‘cause that’s his name

And eating out, his claim to fame

Though always broke, you can’t but like him

He eats cheap tacos when mood strikes him

One day he had a hankering

But bank account was tank-ering

He had enough for quesadilla

But how he’d get it, no idea

He didn’t even have bus fare

So just how was he to get there?

Five dollar bill was all he got

But ‘cross the street was used car lot

So Jerry knew just what to do

I think you have an inkling too…

He crossed the road and went inside

And found a dude, and asked for ride

The salesman was alone all day

And happy Jerry came his way

So cheerily he grabbed a key

And said to Jerry, “follow me!”

He clearly was a good ol’ sport

He headed to a cheap Escort

So Jerry got behind the wheel

The salesman said it was a steal!

And Jerry grinned and did agree

Though he would need to test and see

They’d driven for about three miles

With salesman chatting for a while

And though you’d tell just by the smell

They came upon a Taco Bell!

He stepped on gas and tires burned

As into drive thru Jerry turned

The salesman was a-taken back

And grabbed his chest, feigned heart attack

Jerry then assured him well

Tis short detour through Taco Bell

Before he had time to outcry

Five dollar tacos did Jerry buy!

He laughed with glee and headed out

And shoved a taco into mouth

When salesman finally gathered thoughts

He realized he had been “got”

Before they’d driven very far

He shouted loudly “STOP THE CAR!”

He ordered Jerry to the curb

It was quite clear he was disturbed

So Jerry sheepishly agreed

For in the end, fulfilled his need

The salesman got behind the wheel

As into traffic he did peel

And Jerry walked the last two miles

Full of tacos and a smile!

I hope that Jerry helps you see

It takes some creativity

You’ve hit a snag, just use your head

Resourcefulness will get you fed!

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