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Take a Chance

I implore you to wake with the burgeoning dawn

Shake off ennui with an earth-shattering yawn

Throw back your arms arch your back if askance

For today you commit to the taking of chance!

If once you were timid and modest of will

Well, not anymore! Your unfilled cup will o’erspill

If often you’re fearful that things go awry

No more missing milestones for today you will try

There is no one stopping or holding you back

It isn’t the courage or bravado you lack

It’s simply our nature to take cautious steps

For fear of reprisal, of looking inept

I say shake it off and give backbone its due

The one thing that matters has always been YOU!

And getting ahead in this world has been tough

But isn’t it time that we said we’re enough?

Take hold of this world and say now is the time

It’s giving up faith in yourself that’s the crime

Worry not ever that you might make mistakes

You’ll miss all success if no chances you take!

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