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The Angry Tree

*Illustration reference:

“The Thinking Tree”

of Ginosa, Puglia, Italy

There once was a tree

That grew to hate the world

Hated all the passersby

The heedless boys and girls

Hated all the cars and trucks

That spewed their evil gasses

It saw so many of its friends

Reduced to swaths of ashes

Grew so tall to hate the sky

The clouds, the sun, the rain

For everything was leaching blight

That brought the tree great pain

The tree was not alone

In hating all these things

The flowers and the blades of grass

The birds that loved to sing

All these creatures in their ways

Were tired too and mad

The world once clean and sparkle-ing

Was now so grey and sad

And all the people laughed

At the tree that seemed to seethe

Little did they know the woods

Cleaned all the air they breathed

So came the day the tree gave up

Picked up its roots and left

The grass and flowers stayed below

And died a quiet death

And all the living things

Began to cough and cry

For nothing was around to clean

The poisons from the sky

It tried to tell the people

Be wary of their ways

For if you live without a care

Short-numbered are your days

So will we ever learn?

To live more dutifully?

Or are we destined to give up -

Just like that angry tree…

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