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The Big Joke

Give Alvie a big “Attaboy!”

For dishing up some schadenfreude!

We’ve waited long enough together

Who knew good comes from “Stormy” weather!

Yet this doofus, “Teflon Don”

Is never really good and gone

But gifted are we with his mugshot

Good thing it is not a gut-shot

That would be so unflattering!

‘Cause his spray tan be spattering

(It might not be a photoshoot

But still he’ll match his orange jumpsuit!)

Should we hold back, not rush to judge

But then again, won’t hurt to nudge

This loser off his pedestal

Mock him like a Ford Edsel

Long awaited is this day

At last to see that crime don’t pay

Though tired of this man are we

We hope the Truth won’t set him free!

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