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The Conservatory

There is much need for our own hideaway

To enjoy the outdoors when the day might turn ill

A sanctuary for the fickle-est of flora

So that it may flourish through injurious chill

A space for all seasons, never discomfort

Mild when outside the weather should stray

A room with a view that never gets stale

A place to relax any time of the day

Transports you to a more tranquil world

It can become the most special of places

Visit it often as it’s few steps away

All within reach, your domestic oasis

A soul-soothing refuge, airy and bright

Each day you admire your well-tended yard

You have skies for a ceiling and grass for a carpet

At night wrapped in velvet all inky and starred

The winter tableau will sparkle like gems

In springtime the trees are in bud and full bloom

Crisp cooling fall swirls leaves in the air

Yet cozy you stay in your sheltered glass room

How lucky you are, to have such a retreat

Quiets a mind that is preoccupied

Though urban distractions are always encroaching

In your private nook you rest shielded inside…

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