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The Final Frontier

When you fight to be seen

And to be understood

You find celebration

In all that is good

And truly some good

Came in brilliant red dress

A woman of colour

And of science, no less!

Nichell Nichols was

More than TV show actress

A groundbreaking figure

Finally given the access

To position of purpose

That was not seen before

On the small screen she shone

And would open the door

For women and girls

That knew not their potential

Had not seen themselves

As a part fundamental

Could now dream much bigger

And soon take their place

In the world of great study

That would take them to space!

Did she ever think she would

Be one who could further

The lives of black women

As Lieutenant Uhura?

Her story does prove

That the chances you take

Are the ones worth the effort

What a difference you’ll make!

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