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The Grand Experiment

Like currents of a roiling gulf

The widening path of wand’ring wolf

From pebbly streams to dust-swept plains

To forests lush with monsoon rains

The wide circumference of our world

Can shrink to fist, long fingers curled

Around a center hot and molten

A beating heart, both black and golden

To where there’s ache, enough to bury

Hungry souls, such weight they carry

But do not think that spirit steeps

In pools of pain, or restless sleep

Those less of fortune weave their way

Not just in thought and prayers we say

To joint relief in form of hope

Gritty as it scales in scope

Life has shown that good and grace

Does not come from a single place

Just as we share the sun and moon

Our ears all prick to well-known tune

Let palms spread wide, set pursestrings loose

Make partnership the thing we choose

It’s the common goal will save us all

Though reflex slow, still catches fall

This grand experiment we live

Has yet to glean, has more to give

We’ve bare achieved all that we may

Let innate goodness lead the way!

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