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The Myth Of The Hummingbird

Oh hummingbird

Your wings fast-whirred

You will barely

Alight, but squarely

Upon the base of

The upturned face of

An open bloom

You flit and zoom

With blade-like wings

You’re hovering

You defy gravity

With an air of brevity

Alive, yet a myth

Your being a gift

A tale old as time

Now shared in this rhyme

A land once bereft

With nothing good left

Small hands as end neared

Fashioned small bird

Tossed wood into air

Soon appeared there

A hummingbird true

That to the Gods flew

Begged them for rain

So the crops grew again

A beautiful story

That shows in its glory

The smallest of creatures

What lessons it teaches

No matter the scope

Of our troubles, there’s hope…

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