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The One I Love

Our story is no fairy tale

For when do those come true

It's even more than I could wish

This life I live with you

In good times and in bad times

And all times in between

In sickness and in mostly health

In plenty and in lean

We have role models in our lives

That set examples of

Unions built on solid ground

Complete undoubted love

We've learned time-honoured values and

We know just what it takes

To make life luscious like a feast

That always ends with cake

We've raised two children on the cusp

Of forging their own way

Carving out their unique paths

They make us proud each day

For teamwork and some compromise

Respect and honour too

Thinking conscientiously

Of all we say and do

Are hallmarks of our family

Embedded through and through

I do not say it near enough

That it's all because of you

So how can I express in words

What our life means to me

It isn't luck (though I'm flush with it)

We're simply meant to be...

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