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The Snow Globe

Let this image slowly sink

Crazy even if you think

What if we were trapped inside

Without a place to run and hide

A giant snow globe on a shelf

The property of a giant elf

Taken down at random hours

Shaken so the snow might shower

He laughs with glee at his delight

Knowing that we live in fright

For our lives are now beholden

To creature borne of time that’s olden

Days of calm are not enjoyed

It takes but moment to be toyed

To have our very lives turned round

Everything be upside down

And snow becomes a dizzy blizzard

At the whim of elfin wizard

Imagine if this were our world

In dread waiting to be swirled…

So next time snow makes life feel dire

Snuggle up and build a fire

Thankful that you’re upside right

And able to have peaceful night

BUT - here’s a thought that sends a chill

What if we’re on that shelf still…

In a corner long forgotten

And that evil elf so rotten

Might still find us (time will tell)

And make our world a snowy hell!

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