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The Twelve Days of Christmas

We have come to the end of the twelve days of Christmas

You weren’t paying attention? It’s ok you did not miss much

Some drummers were drumming and lords were a-leaping

A great deal of birds needed herding and keeping

A lot of things that do not mean much to me

Were gifted like partridges up in pear trees

And what do we think is to come this thirteenth

What combo of crazy will true love bequeath?

Thirteen cats a-meowing? Or some thirteen goats a-chewing

Thirteen politicians who don’t know what they are doing?

Thirteen streaming services that show there’s nothing on

Thirteen box of chocolates once eaten then are gone

The list is long but time is short, just tell me what you like

Whatever dream you want to share, or what your mood might strike

For you have filled my days with bliss, a love that knows no bounds

Prompting is not needed, my devotion is profound

My love for you procures your whims, you ask, you shall receive

There’s nothing I’d not do for you, no goal I won’t achieve

I’d even catch a bird or two, and stick ‘em in a tree!

Whatever makes you smile, I’d do, for all eternity!

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