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The World I Want

If I had powers like the gods

Possessed the means to tilt the odds

What would I do, a simple soul

What, ultimately, be my goal?

How often pondered did I this

Would I rule world with yielding fist?

My moral code be forced upon

My first task be to right all wrongs

Then take away the human will

To ever cause another ill

Banish all antipathy

Replace it with pure empathy

All conflicts stop dead in their tracks

Remove the urge used to attack

I’d clean the oceans, land and air

Restore the countrysides with care

Until this world that teems and toils

That suffers from the ways of spoil

Becomes a planet calm with peace

For forms of strife have all but ceased…

This world envisioned in my dreams

Is out of reach, or so it seems

For free will is our faith and curse

We’re doomed to turn what’s good to worst

We’re predisposed to preen and flaunt

We cannot see beyond our wants

But oh, if we could turn around

Drive changes that are so profound

If we engaged in synergy

Create accord and unity

You ask me could we make this so?

My answer is - I just don’t know…

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