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To The End, A New Beginning

As the year draws to a close

From me to you I will propose

That we make efforts for improvement

Towards each other be the movement

Instead of hoarding selfish pride

Which leads some folks to pick a side

Unburden self of deep regret

And petty taunts that have beset

Your spirit and kept you too down

And far from making judgements sound

For don’t we have the same intent?

Yet how are we so different?

It’s hard enough to just get by

We muck things up, I don’t know why

We’re often our worst enemy

Unable to just let things be

But who am I to judge another

When I still let things stew and bother

Change should start at our front door

Don’t waste another minute more!

The year is done don’t dwell in past

With blink of eye the days fly fast

The New Year brings a welcomed dawn

A shooting star to wish upon

We promise to be disciplined

Day after next we will begin

But I like not such resolutions

Life stagnates with trite solutions

A flimsy fix in large amount

Cannot replace a change that counts

So revolutionize your mind

Leave ineffectiveness behind

Look only to the clear horizon

Awakened like a Phoenix rising!

Let upwards be our hands in cheer

And glad in heart greet brand new year!

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