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Too Late

*Illustration reference:

“Stańczyk” by Jan Matejko (1862)

It makes me weep internally

I hide these tears so none can see

That I am slowly losing faith

Such energy that’s gone to waste

Yet what is lost can still be found

If we can meet on common ground

I won’t give up on what I know

To be the goodness that still grows

Inside and out, and everywhere

I feel it, that the world still cares

And given chance, and given choice

The anger in that rising voice

Can simmer down to something sweet

And turned backs now will gladly greet

A friend, not foe, when day is done

For don’t we want, for everyone

A life of promise, within our reach

And fairness too, I do beseech

BUT if we’re blind to forest green

For trees have hid, not to be seen

Then down we go, the ship and all

Un-unified, we’re sure to fall

And harmony, that once was close

Plays death-march dirge to rueful ghosts

That haunt the earth, and ponder how

We wrongly chose, tis too late now…

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