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True Crime

You might call it a hobby

Or a morbid obsession

Its patronage ageless

Its allure like confession

What makes a person

Find such things appealing

Why outlaws and murder

What is it revealing?

The study and research

Of the worst of our drives

Of the outcast and wicked

The taker of lives

Has long fascinated

Our civilization

We cannot turn away

From this grim aberration

But what has us searching

May be reassuring

Could knowing the motive

Stop the harm from occurring?

Though the wretched be damned

For all eyes to see

We should still seek to fathom

Why they cause misery

So us true crime devotees

Analyze the unhinged

Sharing our findings

From the lunatic fringe

We seek to find answers

Through clues we will comb

As if we're the modern day

Ace, Sherlock Holmes!

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