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Tuerie de l'École Polytechnique

Recall, I do, that fateful day

How blithely I was on my way

Just as many women are

Unconcerned and unaware

So many lives that day were shattered

Such promise broken, fulfillment tattered

For hate was running through a heart

It festered so, till ripped apart

The fragile sense of surety

Of noxious superiority

In halls of upright vim and learning

He brought hot death, cursed and burning

He hunted women as if game

He killed those he had come to blame

Dark fantasies wrought now came real

Their innocence was his to steal

Ungraspable, how this could be

These bright lights snuffed, so viciously

Our lives and country, wholly changed

Mindful concord dulled the pain

This tragedy brought slender salve

We stood as one with brief resolve

Yet here we are, just more of same

Poison with insipid name

Pretend to care yet wrath not gone

Even stronger fires burn on

Implore I must, do not forget

The challenge of contempt be met

On this day, nerve be not doubted

The names of fourteen women shouted

Though hoarse our voice, for rasped with strain

We must not let hate rise again!

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