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What do you do when you’ve nothing to say

Do you sit very quiet, stilled hands in lap lay

Wishing you’ve wisdom to share with the room

Yet feeling unseen like a closeted broom

How do the others just chat with such ease

From subject to subject words blow like a breeze

But if you could carefully pay heed up close

They all sound long-winded, so dull and verbose

Too many words and a lacking of substance

Leaves a mind starving for meaning and sustenance

And if I joined in, is there something I’d add?

I’d hope it’s the best conversation they’ve had

But alas, I’m too shy to share what’s in my head

Lacking the heart, feeling silenced instead

Left to devices, I’ll linger alone

Have little talks with myself on my own

Until comes the day when my soul’s songs are sung

For I’ve gained confidence and unshackled my tongue

At last I will have what I’ve always been missing

The ear of the world that is ready to listen!

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