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Oh say can you see

By the light of TV

A family that is on the verge

Of being ripped apart by surge

Through spectral plane lost spirits wander

In search of one to lead them yonder

They have no clue just what they’ll fear

Till daughter sweet chirps that “they’re here…”

And thus begins a side show of

The things that make us scream, yet love

The thrill of being stunned with fright

A grinning clown goes bump in night

And soon a storm sweeps cross their land

And something comes for Carol-Anne

But comes a gang of earnest others

And the most determined mother

A tiny psychic and some hope

A lot of faith and real strong rope

And yet it works, the rescue’s done

We celebrate, the battle’s won!

But seems there’s more to story told

Of poltergeist that’s grown so bold

For nothing holds a good ghost down

When house was built on sacred ground

Developers did something dotty

They moved the headstones, not the bodies!

Decaying corpses show their worth

By breaking through that fouled earth

And chase away the living fast

So they might have their peace at last!

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