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"Wing" in the New Year!

Let the new year ring

With my friend Wing

I swear this woman

Can do anything

She’s tireless in spirit

Yet rarely she hears it

Do not try to catch it

You’ll never get near it

There’s no getting rest

When you aim for the best

For friends she is thankful

You’re always the guest

Bottomless kindness

And such open-mindness

Unconditional love?

With Wing you won’t find less

She lives many lives

How does she survive?

Four kids and two restaurants

It’s like juggling knives!

I’m so glad to know her

To tell her to go for

All the things she desires

So the day comes to show her

That hard work is rewarded

That the riches afforded

Her efforts and labour

Be ever paid forward

For those in her sphere

Are so glad that she’s here

To Wing raise our glasses

And toast her with cheer!

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