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With Affection

*Illustration reference: Heinrich Lossow (1843 - 1897), “Teasing”

Your thoughtfulness is always there

There’s no end to how much you care

Scarce are those, so far and few

That can inspire as you do

When I face daily obstacle

Fatigue from too much push and pull

I think of you and how you rise

Above the fray, you’re calm and wise

Though many years have now long passed

Attempts to change, but none have last

But I’ll still try, there’s always time

Deep breaths will lighten hills we climb

When self-improvement is your goal

Each minute act builds up the whole

And having your lifelong support

Means when I fail I won’t resort

To usual brow-beating view

It’s at these times I turn to you

You never tire, you won’t complain

And that is why this short refrain

Gives honour to our deep connection

And showers you with great affection!

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