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Yoshi Baxter (2009-2023)

My heart is broke, a thousand pieces

And there be nothing that will ease this

Sorrow that consumes my soul

For love like this, steep is the toll

Perchance the weight of guilt I bear

May dissipate, to shroud I wear

Invisible to all but me

It crushes, though, most lovingly

The grief will linger endless years

And I shall shed a trillion tears

For we’re no more than sum of parts

Through which a force does rush and dart

And when that spirit’s laid to rest

We must believe it’s for the best

So strong I’ll hold this memory

It’s riven deep inside of me

And if there’s that in which I trust

Her treasured gist though it be dust

Studded jewels and molten gold

Shall be the vessel wrought to hold

And carried with me all my days

I’ll feel her in the sun’s warm rays

Until I too lay down to sleep

Hope not to wake, no more to weep…

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