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You Are Loved

You are loved just as you are

For you to hear, I know it’s hard

An ache so deep resides in heart

Made long ago, became a part

Of every moment, every beat

A constant thrum that won’t retreat

It permeates your very soul

You never feel completely whole

By all accounts your life seems good

At same time you’re misunderstood

With tendency to feed and foster

That you’re not more than an imposter

You worked so hard to show you’re able

And hoped for invite to the table

Yet always stymied, side-eye glance

When all you wanted was fair chance

Don’t listen to that down-cast voice

It’s nothing more than hostile noise

We’re here, we will not let you down

Your lifeline, we won’t let you drown

No matter what life throws in lap

You’ve strength that you have yet to tap

You stand your ground, do not be shoved

You’re not alone and you are loved…

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