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You Are My Song

When I am dancing, I'm relaxed in my skin

I'm alive in the moment, on my face sits a grin

I move like a cobra, lithe like Shakira

(But I'd knock you down flat if I ever got near ya)

‘Cause when we’re together I feel lighter and happier

With a spring in my stride I am brighter and snappier

I forget where I am, what I am doing

I am focused on feeling, my spirit improving

You bring out my best, remind me I’m good

I am seen, I am worthy, I feel understood

With my awkward moves, my steps like a skip

Concentrating so hard, with out-of-sync hips

The synthesized hooks of those tunes from the eighties

Could make the ungainly look graceful with great ease

How I love that glam music, the songs were our anthem

With each beat of our hearts, if we could we would thank them

No matter the place, if there’s the slightest of chance

In my thoughts, like a charm, we're together and dance…

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