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About Me

 Average citizen, living in Edmonton; a city that simultaneously freezes and unfreezes 365 days a year. Wouldn't live anywhere else. 

I have studied sociology, Canadian history, painting, art history, jewelry-making, offset printing and the culinary arts. So, in my spare time I make things, bake things and write things down. I have a wonderful family, consisting of an adorable husband, two aggravating but adorable adult children and two adorable yet aggravating dogs. I am also grandmother to a cat named Penny. 

I have written amusing (at least to myself) poems all my life. I have decided to document them here. Some of these poems were written the day of and some are from my personal collection. I created many of the images that accompany my poems. The beautiful paintings are mostly the work of my dear friend, Agnes Kokot, a brilliant artist.


As with all things creative, it is part pleasure, part hard work. But the desire to compose, well that must come from somewhere indescribable, because to try and explain, well, this is the rare occasion where words fail me. But I do what I must, and that is to bring a smile. Tug at a heartstring. Twinge a nerve.

Spread some joy. 

Thank you for reading. I welcome you to share any of my poems

with those you love and care for.

Keep spreading the good vibes...

~ Theresa Baxter

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