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Mr. Bicker

Everyone likes music

Not me!

It’s loud with all that screeching

Be quiet! I’m beseeching!

My eardrums are now bleeding

Aspirin I’m needing

No music's not for me!

Everyone likes singing

Not me!

It reminds me much of crying

It sounds like cats are dying

It fills my head with pain

With every song's refrain

No singing's not for me!

Everyone likes listening

Not me!

Don’t even try explaining

It all sounds like complaining

You cannot change my mind

It's all a waste of time

No listening’s not for me!

But how alone I feel

As by my bed I kneel

And ask for just one friend

To make my suffering end

I peek through curtains weighty

See people being matey

And wish, oh wish, t’was me

But alone I’ll always be…

The moral of this story

Is a thought I’ll now include;

The likely culprit of such woe

Is often attitude

If you see fit to find them

Life is full of simple joys

And positivity will make

Sweet music from mere noise…

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