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Barbie's Back!

She’s sparkly pink and neon too

There’s always hint of baby blue

The nose is pert, the waist is tiny

The teeth pure white, hair blonde and shiny

Impossible she’s modeled so

Does she look like a girl you know?

But that is not what she is for

Nor why for years her fans adore

She represents a weird ideal

It never mattered were she real

And now without much more adieu

Plays at a theater near to you

Entertainment, upon arrival

Gives plastic pin-up fresh revival

Though there’s message paradox

That beauty comes not in a box

But shines from deep within our soul

Post-modern Barbie, that’s how she roll

Who cares if she still comes in package

I’ll eat up this strange kitschy wreckage

Charm with moral that won’t let up

Wrapped in hot pink frothy getup!!

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