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Cat People

I know cat folks by the dozen

You know the kind, their cat they're nuzzlin’

It makes sense that they seem less work

Though cats in general act like jerks…

It’s not that people who own cats

Are also prone to act like that -

But certain traits are most apparent

Like choosing cats is so inherent

To who and what they choose to be

And that is quite all right with me!

They say they tend to be artistic

A cat gives off a vibe that’s mystic

They’re also willful, introverted

Yet fun and easily diverted

I like a cat when they are calm

Their purring is a soothing balm

But when they’re peeved they lash and prick

Yet get away ‘cause damn they’re quick!

In summary, I do agree

That people who like cats will be

Eccentric and a bit unique

Often solitude they seek

And much like their fave animal

They wish for peace and life that’s full…

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