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Cherry Blossom Time

They’re cheery! Awesome! Those cherry blossoms

Mosaic of pastel-tinged flotsam

The palest pink the creamy whites

In bursting clusters, such delights!

When tree is full, spectacular

No word in our vernacular

Can capture quite the sheer display

Of beauty in their graceful way

Across the world, these hardy trees

Can slumber through the cold with ease

And when the warming rays of spring

Stir verdant buds and birds to sing

That pageantry when stands together

A blush of trees - oh what a treasure!

Against a sky of baby blue

Ethereal, that rosy hue

The lace-filled boughs, bloomed filigree

We’re awed by splendid scenery

Majestic foliage worn like crown

Yet jeweled petals soon dust the ground

For winsomeness of spring is fleeting

Inspired peak is soon retreating

What efflorescence in creating

Priceless is a year’s worth waiting…

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