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Do Right

Illustration reference: Fantasia 2000

Cursed, I tell you, I am

Since cognizance stirred the mind 

Shocked as a digit in door slammed

That the world is oh so unkind

From the start, lessons seem unfair

Punishments meted, no recourse

Missteps of a sort thin and bare

Returned with this hysterical force

It does not dim with time, awakened

Rather increasing perception brings

Our affinity for snarl not mistakened

Hot blood in our eyes ever stings

Busy backdrop is no remedy

A determined life gives us anew

It has not soothed the “ahem” in me

With a parade of the humdrum to do

Such gifts and blessings we had

Endowed from the first breath at birth

We’ve wasted and squandered, how sad

Rode roughshod all over this earth

Even now on the ice floe adrift

We see both the end and beginning

Last hellos and goodbyes offer lift

As patience and poise long been thinning

Yet, abandon with ease, so self-centered

Instead I will offer this view

To leave this place as we have entered

Wide-eyed? Yes. Still the right thing to do… 

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