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Embrace The We

*Illustration reference: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

I wish that We could only see

How excellent and fair We be

When broken down to simple sections

Plainly see our imperfections

We’ve such potential to make good

Solve all our woes, I think We could

How marvelous our species is

Within our brains, each pop and fizz

The craft of Nature granted We

The gift of wit and empathy

Ability to recognize

To grow and change, to moralize

But We’re still stunted in our airs

Can choose with gall for whom We care

Some won’t give coat off of their backs

Will let the weak fall through the cracks

They justify the hurt and pain

That they inflict in search of gain

Our selfishness might override

The clemency We hold inside

But there is always chance to change

If priorities are rearranged

Let’s harvest fruit born of our talents

Returning everything to balance

If you are moved by year-end plea

Let go of You, embrace the We!

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