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One day I’ll be a hermit

And I’ll live in woods so deep

I’ll not let bad news through my door

And to myself I’ll keep

I won’t fight traffic in a car

I won’t shop in a store

I’ll cut off all the interwebs

All bunk I will ignore

I’ll read the books I’ve put aside

I’ll sketch the squirrels and trees

I’ll eat the food I grow myself

I’ll do the things I please

I’ll leave the stress of life behind

Bad habits I will kick

And mostly I will free my mind

From the body politic

I know I kid myself with this

It’s purely fantasy

I’ll never break from modern life

It’s where I’m doomed to be

There’s calm that comes from giving up

It’s strength I draw upon

The worst to come, which I’ll avoid

‘Cause doubtless I’ll be gone!

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