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I, An Oak Be

If I could be

A kind of tree

Then stalwart oak

Is fine by me

I’d grow so tall

And that’s not all

My muddled roots

About would sprawl

My branches jut

My acorns nut

Around my base

The beetles rut

I’d speak no words

But friends thick-furred

Would find a home

Amongst the birds

The shadows made

By foliage splayed

Provides all guests

With cooling shade

Inside my trunk

On sap they’ve drunk

The baby squirrels

For winter bunk

A life of ease

Amongst the trees

I’ll stand alone

For centuries

The rains might soak

Wind-fires stoke

But none shall fell This stout-stocked oak

In dreams I see

My leaves fly free

And evermore

An oak I’ll be

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