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Samuel, The Excellent

*Illustration reference: CurioComforts/Deviant Art

How did this wee bairn grow so tall?

Inside my belly, once so small

He barely stood up to my knee

And now he towers over me!

Formidable to all he meets

But with the widest smile he greets

There are few on the cusp of daring

Whose very soul is kind and caring

Oh how this young man makes me proud

Humane of heart, but giggles loud!

I sometimes feel with him at helm

The masses crush and overwhelm

But then he shows such insight wise

That aides me now to realize

I had no hand, in molding tone

How far he’s come was on his own

And who he is, is excellent

No matter what his future bent

Yet have I armed him well to cope?

Without my guard, I trust to hope

Inevitable still shows compassion

Embraces him in gracious fashion

Ensures he does not lose to grudge

How he can never rush to judge

That I express my deep desire

To wish him that he may dream fire

As clear path to him will unfurl

The world’s his oyster, love the pearl…

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