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Smells Like Great Music!

What is that sound? Can you hear it?

It smells a little like teen spirit

Nirvana as a band could free ya

Though what they said, I’ve no idea!

That Rhapsody, Bohemian

A super hit from way back when

That Freddy took us for a ride

What did it mean? Well, you decide

Paradise by dashboard lights

A song that rocked into the night

Blow kiss to Meatloaf, though he’s gone

His song goes on. And on. And on

He writes the songs the whole world sings

Orchestral endings long would ring

Those schmaltzy ballads and tan a-glow

I loved that Barry Manilow…

Want to rock around the clock?

That time when youth would rock in socks?

A golden sound that made folk pause

Made teens rebel without a cause!

You’re not alone if you love Elvis

Those eyes, those lips, that swinging pelvis

We crowned him king of rock and roll

And, wow, that man looked good in gold!

How great it is to reminisce

About the music that persists

To stir the hearts of all who hear it

And YES it smells just like teen spirit!!

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