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Spring, Never Leave!

Gray days, May days, it’s okay days

Dull Spring brings but never stays days

Sprinkly tinkly, fresh threshed smelling

Sweet pea, wee tree buds be swelling

Robins bobbin’, seeking worms

Wild hobnobbin’ in budding berms

Quacks drake, mates make, in nests brimming

Soon boon, first births, ducklings swimming

Prime time sublime, seedlings feeding

Rains on plains, all green things needing

The brand-new, scrubland dew, such a grand view

Head low in meadow, let’s run, take my hand too

Breath-bated, we’ve waited, young blooms once were gated

Joy abounds, heads crowned with daisies a-plaited

Un-hardened, graced garden, the earth seeks reprieve

Auspicious, my wish is that Spring never leave!

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