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The Lake House

There is no denying our liking of nature

Of being enthralled by free-living creature

The contrast of asphalt to azure-clear water

Amusement that’s roused by a loon’s garbled laughter

The view captivates like a spell that’s been cast

Mirrored on a surface as perfect as glass

You’ve driven for hours, left tumult behind

To fluorescent pink sunset that’s seared in your mind

You live a charmed life if your escape is assured

To a place where your neighbours are flocks of lake birds

Where a visit of friends to this hushed contemplation

Comes only if offered a rare invitation

To live near the water, if only a while

Allows decompression, you turn down the dial

Renew a worn spirit that’s been overtaxed

With a freshness of air that helps one to relax

A congenial refuge for souls that need saving

The lake house veranda, a welcoming haven…

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