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Twist of Fate

*Illustration reference:

Alfred Agache, The Parcae, 1880s

From night to morn I ponder thusly

And chide myself, well, rather bruskly

If sleep comes naught, I wonder why?

Can’t close the lid of this mind’s eye

When living with the best of means

While others sandwiched in between

Make their way with no advantage

Ocean deep, entombed Atlantis

What twist of Fate determined mine

To be a life charmed with things fine

While in a vise another’s squeezed

Scarring hands and scraping knees

Endless lessons taught, not learned

Explains the glut of bridges burned

Rebuilt so quick, to only then

Be burned and ruined yet again

We’re blessed with gifts of highest rate

And still we overcomplicate

If simpler systems turned the soil

Our worser instincts wish to foil

“What can I do?” the booming strain

Bouncing round my weary brain

Like eerie echoes in caverns deep

So gingerly we traverse steep

I won’t be thrashed in my lone goal

Emerge from ooze as black as coal

Yet needing just to rest awhile

Then face this life with scoffing smile

Exhausted? Yes, but not ungrateful

I might lack faith, but I’m not unfaithful…

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