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All Hail Weird Al!

Can you name a comedienne

Who knows how to play the accordion?

Who wears tacky shirts and bright Converse sneakers?

Whose hair is as luscious as Bernadette Peters?

Whose voice is as squeaky as Mickey the Mouse?

Whose world is more wacky than Pee Wee’s Playhouse?

You live in a cave if you couldn’t have guessed it

It’s our beloved Weird Al! Who we’re so impressed with

The guy that will mix rock and roll with a polka

And if he had sticks in your eye he would poke ya

A jokester, a prankster, a wisecracker is he

Who takes famous songs and creates parody!

He’s spoofed the best singers, Madonna and Gaga

And turned pie to Jedi with a great Star Wars saga

And who can forget that he japed Michael Jackson

In that clever but dorky Weird Al unique fashion

He’s oddball and goofy, his limbs like elastic

But man, are his videos freakin’ fantastic!

It actually takes such a great deal of talent

To do what he does, and to strike the right balance

Appreciate that his world view is askance

And today he enjoys a Weird Al renaissance!

An album, a press tour, and even a movie

He and Dan Radcliffe make silly look groovy!

Deserved accolades could not have come sooner

To such a great guy, can you believe he’s a “Boomer”??

Al might have grown older, but still has great hair

Wears proud the loud shirts with that swell savoir-faire!

He still has the verve of a man half his age

And we hope that he never retires from the stage

He’s made being nerdy the coolest of things

In our geekdom we’re proud that we crowned him our king!

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