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Christmas Songs Year Round

Don’t argue with me I will fight you

And I fight dirty, I will bite you!

For this is something I feel strongly

Though you might think that I live wrongly

My music tastes are out of touch

To love all Christmas songs so much

I’d rather hear those jingle bells

In summer’s heat with summer’s smells

My favourite song of Mariah Carey’s

I love so much I’d freely marry!

I want for Christmas all those songs

Then sing them gladly all year long

But sadly I get not my way

Mark down the months till comes the day

November first, then I hit PLAY!

Those tinkly notes, familiar tune

Mariah’s voice can’t come too soon

She doesn’t want a lot for Christmas

But for me, I will say this much

If those songs you think annoy

Around the world bring so much joy

Wouldn’t you prefer such sounds?

Don't you want that joy around?

So say with me and say it proud

Hell! Let’s sing it right out loud!

All we want for Christmas is…

Love and peace and boundless bliss

Songs we evermore remember

If not year round, then through December!

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