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Once upon a time ago

Lived man in much distress

His life was dedicated to

Thinking he was the best

It wasn’t based on anything

But his extreme belief

That none could even challenge him

For all they’d find was grief

He’d skated through this life of his

Without a scratch or scrape

And if a consequence was near

He’d always find escape

His overconfidence put off

The folks he might have friended

And if he had relationships

In anguish most had ended

And so he found himself alone

Enlarged with condescension

For pride had fully blinded him

From seeking out redemption

The mother of all sins is this

And to your doom it leads

When hubris is your chaperon

You’ll stew in wrath and greed

It’s true that pride can be a plus

Not to be overlooked

Self-sufficiency is good

A pat on back well brooked

Yet when your pride is insolence

And overt arrogance

When nothing ever breaks that spell

Mindfulness stands no chance

We soon must find the balance ‘tween

Humility and gall

And learn respectful modesty

Is for the benefit of all!

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