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Autumn Leaves

When you live in a northern city

Fall is oh so fine and pretty

Green leaves turn to red and gold

Auspicious of the coming cold

And when those leaves have lived their last

Free of branch they fly down fast

Abundant foliage on the ground

Must be raked up off your lawn

A chore seems not a lot of fun

And never ever gets quite done

For every time you make a pile

You put down rake and start to smile

If you’ve kids or bouncy hound

Into pile they’re apt to bound

What a mess those urchins make

How leaves fly like gold snowflakes

But it is worth that extra sweat

For there’s no pile of leaves I’ve met

That doesn’t want to be tossed round

Rather than be left on ground

So never fret those fall-time chores

Dress up warm and head outdoors

Work and play can mingle too

‘Cause Nature’s playground waits for you!

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