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Chicago Mix, How I Love Thee...

Wish I knew whose idea it was

So I could thank them just because

Their gift to humans far surpasses

Most anything that expands our asses

A feast, a joy, a celebration

A blend of tastes that swept the nation

Thank god it’s now in every store

The snack of choice that I reach for

With every bite I feel reborn

From sweet and salty coated corn

Electric orange and shiny brown

This winsome treat I snarffle down

Familiar with this junk food fix?

You’ll know I mean Chicago Mix

Technically it’s Minnesotan

At this point it’s not verboten

To only know one recipe

Caramel cheddar is fine with me!

And though it’s best when flavors meld

No matter how the bag is held

The cheddar’s often eaten first

Who cares it’s still a flavour burst

(You find no matter how you got one

The caramel corn is on the bottom)

If you’re like me you cannot stop

You eat whole bag washed down with pop

And though right after I feel wicked

My guilty pleasure, I am addicted

Chicago Mix can’t be denied

In deep, my face, you’ll find inside

My smile with lips distinctly stained

For fervent love can’t be explained

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