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What's it mean to have self-worth

What is it to have pride

Does it come through action or

Do you hold back and abide

Is it shy or so detached

Or does it draw a crowd

Does it live in secrecy

Or does it cry out loud

Does it mean you lose it

When you're beaten to the ground

Do you only let it out

When not anyone's around

We've witnessed that you wear it

As a badge you've earned in war

You'll give your life to have it

When it's what you're fighting for

Pride is everything you are

When you know yourself inside

You wear your soul out on your sleeve

You've nowhere left to hide

We hear them scream for us to hear

"This is who I am and love it!"

And just as they hope others do

That hate, we'll rise above it

For no one better strip them of

Their values and beliefs

They've earned their right to life their life

Both in victory and grief

The world has come together now

Let them have all we can give

Incredible is their sacrifice

So empowered they will live!

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