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Dream A Little Dream With Me...


Artist: Agnes Kokot

There is a circle in which we've been caught

To wish and to pine for what we've not got

What's the point of wishing for all that you've not?

When I'm sure that you've already bought quite a lot!

I'm positive things are just sitting not sought

Stuff we thought useful but now made for naught

These can't be the lessons our elders have taught

To accumulate things until the pile sits and rots!

Instead let us spend our time dreaming sweet dreams

Of blue open skies and of crystal clear streams

Of days that are filled watching clouds white as cream

Sleep peaceful at night 'neath the glow of moon beams

Imagine with pleasure a world that agrees

A planet that's teeming with clean water and trees

A time where we know to say thank you and please

And the freshest of air is what floats on the breeze

But if we keep heading in the way that we're going

Of borrowing and scrounging, not saving but owing

Just razing and rending not planting or sowing

It's our last chance to change that we'll surely be blowing

This is the choice that I hope we all make

To smash vicious circles, catch a breath and a break

To see that our future is what is at stake

To give back in service much more than we take

I'm too old to beg that we all start to see

That this ain't just about who’s deserving or free

I ask only that you consider my plea

And come dream that sweet little dream with me...

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