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Love Forever

Love Forever

Artist: Agnes Kokot

We have never thought so long and hard

Laboured and studied this single word

After a time it loses all meaning

Perception has for us all become blurred

Even if coddled and indulged like a child

Love can bewilder and hide behind masks

It’s thrown about lightly like seed fed to birds

It defies simple answers of all who are asked

Love can be fickle and petty together

Ignoring all others while lavishing one

If love is so fleeting and likely to fail

Why to the edge of the cliff do we run?

For love is both feeling and fancy when found

We lose inhibition and turn our backs never

And yet if we lose it or think we’re unfit

Enjoying true kinship may elude us forever

So I recommend that we give up all worry

But I understand that we still feel frustration

Though it will continue to outwit our instincts

We should not judge harshly this engaging sensation

Rather let love be whatever it wants

In all of its artful and strange incarnations

For if we just open our hearts and our minds

We'll happily loll in its sweet celebrations

Devotion, emotion, as wide as the ocean

Dive deep in its waters immersed we swim madly

And when we break surface I hope we’ll be smiling

For love is the air and we breathe it in gladly

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