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Classic Rice Pudding

Take water and a half a cup of uncooked long-grain rice

Little bit of cinnamon, the perfect warming spice

Just enough of sugar that will make it slightly sweet

Milk and some vanilla makes your puddin’ nice to eat!

You will also need the yolk of one egg and some butter

You can add some dried fruit too, of one kind or another

Place the rice and water (and some salt) into a pot

Bring to boil, reduce to low, and stir, but not a lot

Now you cover with a lid and cook until it’s tender

But only for a little while, so don’t go on a bender!

After 20 minutes check, and then move off the heat

Sprinkle sugar, pour the milk, and stir with whisk real neat

Put the pot back on the stove, and bring the heat up slowly

Stirring rice and milk until it’s creamy and cooked wholly

After some 10 minutes, your pudding’s nice and thick

Remove from heat, add flavourings, then give that spoon a lick

Make sure that it tastes just right, add more of what you need

Sugar, salt, or cinnamon, it’s up to you, indeed!

Now very quickly whisk in yolk, and make sure that it’s smooth

Stirring fast a minute now, you’re in the pudding groove

If you’re nervous about this part, let next step be your guide

Stir egg yolk and some pudding in a bowl set on the side

This is what’s called “tempering”, you make cold things turn warm

Now add the yolk and pudding into pot, it does no harm!

Then add the butter and the fruit, you’re very nearly done

Transfer into serving dish, to soon serve everyone

Let it cool a little bit, then cover, stick in fridge

If you want to taste a bit, go on, just have a smidge!

Once the pudding has been chilled, now make it look real nice

On the top, quite liberally, some sugar or more spice

You see the dish that every home has made for decades now

If you’ve never made it, well, this poem showed you how!

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