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Cold Morning Crash

Not long ago it was balmy

A warm and comfortable day

Barely needed a blanket

As contented in bed I did lay

But rise as I do every morn

I dressed in short sleeves without fear

Yet venturing out on my doorstep

A plume of mouth steam did appear

The chill hit my arms with a slap

I turned on my tail and just ran

Back to my warm comfy bed

Of cold mornings I am not a fan

Yesterday I was still sweating

And needing to cool myself down

But this morning I’m needing a sweater?

Forgive me for wearing a frown!

September’s a wild rollercoaster

Its weather can’t make up its mind

We go through this drill every year

Don’t we wish we could just press rewind!

But alas this is Fall being funny

Extreme swings in temps, such a jest

You’d think we’re prepared for the worst

We seem always to hope for the best!

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